Learning Sciences

How can learning processes be optimised in various contexts? The research in Learning Sciences is aimed at facilitating educational improvements with scientific insights in collaboration with practice. Gaining insight into the learning processes at an individual and group level makes it possible to better equip the instructor with teaching methods and skills that promote the learning of the individual. The aim is to ensure that learning processes are optimised for each individual according to his or her characteristics, in line with the context. As such, we are interested in personalised education.

We ask these questions for multiple levels and contexts of education:

  • childcare and primary (special) education¬†
  • secondary education¬†
  • higher education (university and higher professional education)
  • teacher training courses (teacher training, teacher training courses)
  • out-of-school education

Contact: Martijn Meeter (m.meeter@vu.nl) or Maartje Raijmakers (m.e.j.raijmakers@vu.nl)

Projects include: