LEARN! is an interfaculty research institute within VU University Amsterdam.

LEARN! is all about learning and education. Various departments within VU University Amsterdam and VU University Medical Center Amsterdam cooperate within the framework of LEARN! with the goal of developing scientific knowledge and expertise that expands scientific understanding while being socially relevant.

Research topics within LEARN! are in keeping with major issues in society:

The institute carries out both pure and applied research. If possible and where it is relevant to do so, the knowledge gained is translated into everyday practice in the home, at school, and in other environments. To this end, we make use of articles in professional journals, lectures, workshops and long-term partnerships for example trainers, schools and community organizations. We also use feedback from those working in the field to create new research questions and intervention studies.

Partnerships work best when they are structurally embedded in the organization. This is achieved by setting up an academic collaborative centre together with our partners. Within this environment, teachers, practice-based researchers, and university researchers cooperate on educational development, educational innovation, and applied educational research. Many years of preparation often go into the creation of an academic collaborative centre. If a collaborative centre is to be successful, it is essential that the research carried out within forms part of a joint educational agenda and a substantive long-term plan, that the centre itself is structurally embedded in the educational institution in question, and that sufficient use is made of individuals and resources.